King Derek Pants Protests

King Derek’s first adventure with the ‘Wonder Wizards’, ‘King Derek and the Purple Wizard‘, is currently selling well in the UK but an emergency change has had to be made to the third, of Gary’s brilliant,  illustrations. There had been debates at the Book Launch and also discussions posted on ‘Linked-In’. Now after more protests we have had to add a pair of royal spotty pants to cover King Derek’s decency in the picture below. If you haven’t read the story yet you won’t know that this is the King Derek after, Preston, the Purple wizard has performed his first spell on King Derek to make him more handsome.

King Derek Bare Bottom
Your last chance to see the infamous ‘Bare Bottom’.

So if you buy the book now from Lulu or from Amazon now you will see the new spotty pants. But if you purchased earlier you might still have a very a ‘bare bottom’ displaying on page 8.

Maybe books with the ‘bare bottom’ might become quite valuable in years to come.

Further books about King Derek, the King of Dudley, will be out very soon.


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