What Three Things Would You Bring Back From the 80’s ?

Well, another New Year is here an incredibly it is 2013. Can it really be 13 years since we all feared the Millennium Bug? For those of us in our mid 40’s it is so difficult  to believe that it is nearly a quarter of a century ago that we said goodbye to the 80’s. Things like Spandau Ballet, Sony Walkman’s, gallons of petrol, Fame and Woolworths have all long gone.

We were the last twentysomethings without the Internet, mobile phones and X-Factor.

So if you could bring back three things from the 80’s what would they be? I would bring back a Villa team that were the best in Europe, ‘Sons & Daughters’ and chopper bikes.

To take yourself back to the mid 80’s have a read of my fast selling debut novel ‘First Years – Piranhas in the Bedroom’. Available as a modern E-book from Amazon or in the good old fashioned paperback form from Lulu Books.

So come on get your Worzel Gummidge thinking heads on and list the three things you would bring back from the 80’s.

Final Front Cover
Final artwork for ‘First Years – Piranhas in the Bedroom’



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