Paperback or Ebook

I have just unloaded 15 boxes containing a total of 300 copies of ‘Just 14’, already for next Thursday grand launch. I must say, I am relieved that they have arrived so far in advance. Last week, I was having nightmares about having a full Cleveland Arms, three true Villa legends and no books.

‘First Year – Piranhas in the Bedroom’ sold  80 times more ebooks than paperbooks, but I hope this time ‘Just 14’ can reverse the trend. Talks are ongoing with a number of bookshops in the Midlands area and we have pre-sold quite a few from the new Andy Dale Writes Book Shop that opened 29th June.

‘Just 14’ as an ebook is already available to pre-order from Amazon and many people have. It will be sent to you on 15th July and you won’t be charged until that day.

Click Here to order ‘Just 14’ Ebook Now!

The ebook is has a claret colour. This is because the vote for ‘claret’ or ‘white’ background for the cover was so equal.

But why not go for the paperback version in white? The chance to be lying on a beach somewhere reading ‘Just 14’. The chance for people to actually see what your reading. A great chance perhaps to meet like minded people. If you are an Aston Villa fan your chance to promote the Villa in far off places.

Order the paperback book today and you will get your copy before 15th July.

Buy It Now However you read ‘Just 14’ I just hope it brings lots of memories back for you. Or if 1981 was before you were born, perhaps it will be a fun history lesson. You probably won’t believe how basic life was in those  days without iPhones, Google and only 3 TV channels.

To find out more bout ‘Just 14’ why not pop by our Facebook page.


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