Last Minute Christmas Shopping even on Christmas Day!

With only 4 sleeps to Santa it really is a case of last minute shopping. Problem is all the shops are packed and many items are ‘Out of Stock’. In the past this would have meant buying a naff present from the ‘All Night’ garage, but not now things have changed.

Now, you can even leave it to Christmas morning and do it in your pjs as the turkey cooks. Just logon to Amazon and purchase a ‘Gift Card’ for whatever amount you want. This can then be emailed straight to the lucky recipient or you can print it off and stick it in an envelope under the tree. Just visit when you are ready and save yourself the hassle.

The problem with many Christmas tokens is you can’t spend them on Christmas Day and have to wait until the shops reopen. So nothing to play with on Christmas Day and the horrible prospect of having to fight through the Boxing day Sales to ruin your Christmas. That was how it used to be, but things have changed. Now, from Amazon you can download most things direct and instantly even during the Queen’s Speech. So if you get an Amazon gift card for Christmas why not use it to buy  one of my recently published ebooks.

For adults there is ‘First Years – Piranhas in the Bedroom’ which is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Or for the children there is ‘King Derek and the Purple Wizard’ with it’s moral story and terrific colourful pictures.

These books can be read on Kindles, iPads, iPhones, PCs or Android devices.

So remember it is not too late to get that last minute present.

Final King Derek




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