New book ‘Just 14’ officially out 15th July

Pre Order Now!
Pre Order Now!

At a time when I am still buzzing after seeing the mighty Villa win at Wembley I am really excited to announce that my new novel ‘Just 14‘, which is based on the Villa’s triumphant 1980/81 season is going to be release on 15th July.

This latest novel has really been my most exciting and enjoyable  project to date as Fiction merges with Fact. Set at the start of the 1980’s I hope my retro childlike style will bring back great memories to many of you. The title ‘Just 14’ is a reference to the age of the main character. An Aston Villa fan coming to terms with so many major changes in his life against a backdrop of following his beloved Villa in any possible way (even when on a school trip in France or doing a ‘Blue Peter Bring and Buy Sale’). As all Villa fans should know ‘Just 14’ is also the number of players who appeared for Aston Villa that unforgettable season.

It was a time when the West Midlands really was the hotbed of English football. ‘Big Ron’ Atkinson was building one of the best Albion teams in years, Andy Gray was winning the League Cup for Wolves and Birmingham City had flair players like Frank Worthington and Archie Gemmill. The joys of ‘Star Soccer’ and Hugh Johns.

But this book is more than just a football book it is a story of young boy coping with life in the 80’s. How he deals with bullying, his first interest in girls and simply growing up. In a year when John Lennon was shot, Bucks Fizz lost their skirts, Robin Cousins won Olympic gold and Charles proposed to Diana there really was never a dull moment.

I hope this book will make you laugh and smile, but be warned there might be a few tears along the way.

The book is launched on 15th July but if you would like to pre-order a copy for delivery on the day please drop me an clicking the link below;

Pre Order Just 14

Footnote : You can get a copy six days earlier by attending the Free Book Launch at the Cleveland Arms, Wolverhampton.



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