Guide to Starting College

It’s the time of year when all the schools in England are breaking up for the long summer holidays. A time when you used to be able to take a game to school and the TV mornings were about to be filled with Banana Splits, Tin Tin and ‘Why Don’t You’. Of course many of these programmes are now history, although I sure that one of the hundred satelite channels are probably showing repeats and all children’s games are on their iPhones.

For many 18 year olds they will now be thinking about starting university in September and leaving the family home for several months at a time before returning with their washing. For these young adults there is a book that I have written that they might just find helpful. It is set back in 1986 but the challenges and temptation that face new students I doubt has changed very much. So this book ‘First Years – Piranhas in the Bedroom’ will hopefully make then laugh and think a little. Also any person feeling nostalgic as their children fly the nest will hopefully be gripped by the this book that takes them back to their youth.

Being ultra modern and in a bid to save the rain forests this book is available as instant ebook download for Kindle, Laptop, iPhones, iPad or many other modern device.



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