What to Buy Dad For Father’s Day

This year Father’s Day is 16th June and yet again many of us are struggling to think what to buy our Dad’s that is within our low budget and that he will not be trying to give away come Christmas. Problem is there is only one weekend left and with the first sight of sun this year you don’t want to waste it in shops centres and pay over the odds for gifts rebranded just for ‘Dad’’. In the past this would have meant buying a naff present from the ‘All Night’ garage, but not now things have changed.

Now, you can even leave it right until the last minute on Sunday 16th June and even do it covered in sun cream without even leaving your sun lounger. Just logon to Amazon and purchase a ‘Gift Card’ for whatever amount you want. This can then be emailed straight to your lucky Dad or you can print it off and stick it in an envelope. Just visit http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/gc/ref=topnav_giftcert when you are ready and save yourself the hassle.

The problem with many Gift Tokens is you can’t spend them late on Sundays Day and have to wait until the shops reopen. So nothing to play with (or resd) on Father’s Day.  Now, from Amazon you can download most things direct and instantly even on a Sunday. So if your Dad (or you) get an Amazon gift card for Father’s Day why not use it to buy the book everyone is talking about.

For Dad’s though there is the retro 80’s ‘First Years – Piranhas in the Bedroom’ which is guaranteed to make him laugh. If he laughs too much he is just remembering his colege days.

If you are organised and have a little more cash you could always order him a paperback copy from Lulu, but leave yourself 5 days for delivery.



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