Pre Order ‘Just 14’ Paperback for 15th July

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My new novel ‘Just 14’ is now complete and with the publishers. It will be available at the Launch Evening (9th July, Cleveland Arms), but will be officially out on Wednesday 15th July.

Have to admit to being really excited by this book as  it really has been a labour of love to write. My two favourite subjects; Aston Villa and the 80’s. So if you want a laugh or be nostalgic I think you will enjoy the book. Yes, there’s a lot of football (42 games to be precise), but there’s also ‘Who shot JR’. Bucks Fizz ripping off their skirts and Space Invaders.

I can’t wait to see what you think you please (if you can’t join us on the 9th July, admission free) click the ‘Buy it Now!’ option to the left to get your copy delivered for 15th July.

Hope you like it.


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