King Derek Becomes A Video Star

King Derek, the King of Dudley, has certainly been having a really busy year. Since the first book ‘King Derek and the Purple Wizard’ was  released in December of  last year King Derek’s popularity has soared. He now has over 2400 followers on Twitter and has appeared in three books. Now the lovable royal has become a video star.

After just two days the video of ‘King Derek and the Purple Wizard’ has been viewed on YouTube by over 30,000 of his subjects. Everyone at Dudley Castle is delighted and King Dudley was caught this morning practicing his  acceptance speech for next year’s Oscars. It seems his very big royal nose is ideal for the big screen.

So here without any more delay is the film that everyone is talking about


The best way to fully appreciate ‘King Derek and the Wonder Wizards’ though is to read the books. So why not start collecting these  super colourful books  now. They are being enjoyed  by children of all ages (even nans in their 90’s are  becoming fans).

‘King Derek and the Purple Wizard’ 
‘King Derek and the Green Wizard’
‘King Derek and the Red Wizard’

Don’t forget to look out for King Derek next time  you are at Dudley Zoo and Castle


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