Retro Romanic Comedy

Andy’s long awaited debut novel ‘First Years – Piranhas in the Bedroom’ is released in December. Written about a rather unfortunate boy who leaves home for College in Derby back in 1986, shortly after the famous Hand of God’ cheating goal. A time when the only communication back home was in a red post box or a red phone box.

Jonathan Stadler might be about to fall in love for the first time, but the other challenges of student-life could well prevent this. Sleeping in the same room as a boy whose sexual preferences are unknown is bad enough but then two piranha fish  appear in bedroom.

The book will take you through the most eventful year of Jonathan’s life. A year when he drinks more, sleeps less and has more adventures than ‘The Famous Five’ ever did.

Early readers of the book have snorted with laughter and just wanted to be transported back to the 80’s.

Get your copy on 8th December !!




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